Friday, May 10, 2013

Kraft SodaStream Launch Party at 2nd Floor Events

A few weeks ago we received an email inviting us to a product launch.  Not thinking anything of it, I initially didn't respond.  I smartened up later, and yesterday attended the launch of SodaStream's Kraft flavours.  In addition to doing our own events, we feel it's a good idea to see (and enjoy) others' events as well.
Being an event designer, I couldn't help but check out the venue, 2nd Floor Events (261 King St. W)  for future opportunities.  It is a good looking venue, with retro lighting and a nice open loft space that could be used for many different types of events.

At this particular event, the decor - which included a water bottle chandelier (what else to do with old drink bottles), a large clear globe filled with plastic bottles, and lots of lemons - tied the brands together nicely in a cool setting.  It highlighted that you could use SodaStream instead of prepackaged drinks that come in the bottles.  I enjoyed the Kraft flavours in the drinks provided at the bar, including the lemonade.  Oddly enough, as much as I'll deny this if asked in future - yes, I had fun at the candy station (I was a kid again)!

While it was a fun event, at a great venue I hadn't seen before, I was excited by our parting gifts ... I'm looking forward to using my new SodaStream at home!  At a time when companies are rethinking their gifts, Kraft and SodaStream were smart to get a product that I'd been eyeing for some time into my hands - yes, I'm impressed.  Cheers!