Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Interactive Furniture

A year ago, we met the coolest couple at the most unexpected location.  While sourcing furniture for our retail store at Toronto’s annual furniture show, we stumbled upon this young company promoting what we thought was the coolest product.
Unfortunately for Nuno and Erin, the young minds behind this innovative product, most of the bodies passing were looking for residential furniture to sell to the masses and not necessarily innovation; however as event designers we were excited to discover their line.
The NunoErin products have won worldwide acclaim in the design world.  Simply put, they create interactive furnishings with beautiful lines, that responds to touch with light.  After someone gets up from sitting on one of their chairs, you’ll see the lit outline of the guest who sat on it just moments before!  How fun would it be at a TIFF event to sit on George Clooney’s bum print (that is an led lit bum print … get your minds out of the gutter people!)